Thursday, April 18, 2019

Our wide variety of solvents allows you to choose the right cleaning product for your application. We have an efficient solution for most any clean-up job, including but not limited to oil, grease, ink, adhesive deposits, lens markings, residues or other contaminants, and removing pitch or low-melt wax. Many of our cleaning solvents offer a double-bonus. In addition to being excellent cleaning agents, they are non-toxic and considered safe for general industrial use.

There are many different chemical formulations employed for effective anti-defoaming. Silicone defoamers' low surface tension and interfacial properties enable them to occupy openings between the foam-stabilizing surfactants at the liquid-air interface, simultaneously thinning and collapsing the foam wall. Our silicon-free defoamers utilize defoaming polymers and biodegradable oils to prevent foam from forming. Whatever your application, we will deliver the most efficient foam-combative solution.

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