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Contact: Alan Sabanosh
(315) 829-3600 ext. 120

Central Islip, NY (April 11, 2016) JH Rhodes Company, Inc., a subsidiary of Universal Photonics, Inc., manufacturer and global supplier of critical surface preparation materials, has delivered a polishing application challenge to the students of the P-Tech Oneida-HerkimerMadison BOCES program. Earlier this year, representatives from JH Rhodes a manufacturer of cast polyurethane pads, visited the New Hartford BOCES to challenge students to investigate and test a list of possible polishing applications. The target was commercial and household applications where achieving a bright, smooth, polished surface was required. 


“JH Rhodes is glad that a program like P-TECH exists,” says Alan Sabanosh, Vice President of Operations at JH Rhodes. “We are excited to be a part of the experience and to be able to provide a challenging opportunity. This project will give them a real look into the engineering world of product and process evaluation, searching for new uses of existing products. Our goal is to give the students a meaningful experience, one that will complement their academic studies.” The students were given six weeks to work on the challenge with JH Rhodes assisting along the way. The challenge may allow JH Rhodes to explore other commercial opportunities, “Since our products are used in industrial polishing applications, we may also learn some things about their commercial potential as well,” says Mr. Sabanosh. The project ends Friday, April 15, 2016, when the P-TECH OHM students present their findings at JH Rhodes Company’s 77,000 sq. ft. facility in Vernon, NY. 


P-TECH BOCES Program offers an integrated six-year program, combining high school, college and career training. Graduates will earn an Associate’s Degree in Applied Science in semiconductor manufacturing. Today's surfacing applications involve a wide variety of substrates, many with unique processing requirements; with over 110 years of polishing expertise, JH Rhodes is a world-leader in cast polyurethane pads serving the high precision optics, flat glass / LCD and semiconductor industries. 

More information about Universal Photonics’ and JH Rhodes’ variety of critical surfacing materials is available at, as well as

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