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Central Islip, NY (August, 2018) Universal Photonics, Inc., manufacturer and global distributor of advanced surface preparation materials, has announced exclusive distributor rights in North America to 3M’s Trizact™ Diamond Tile (TDT).

A uniquely designed polishing tool, the Trizact™ Diamond Tile not only removes material faster than coarse slurries or fixed pellets and with less subsurface damage, but does so without the messy residue of slurry lapping. The Trizact™ Diamond Tile boasts quality results with each use. According to the Commercial Solution Division 3M Company, “Unlike conventional abrasives, such as silicon carbide or aluminum oxide, super abrasives require a more rigid bond to apply sufficient forces on individual abrasive grits.” Making the abrasive more durable and allowing it to wear down evenly over time.

A key advantage of Trizact™ Diamond Tile is that low pressures can be used optimizing benefits. Lower pressures result in lower subsurface damage, while TDT’s diamond abrasive still maintains higher removal rates. Lower pressures can also provide improved bow and warp on parts being processed, as well as improve overall flatness.

Conventional abrasives are hard-pressed to compete with diamond. Usually, higher cost is what prevents diamond use, but Trizact’s™ fast, consistent cut rates, finer finishes, and reduced process time increase productivity and reduce cost.

3M’s Trizact™ Diamond Tile is available in a variety of micron sizes, along with the silicon carbide pucks and boride stones used for conditioning. Universal Photonics also has a selection of water-based coolants to meet your application needs.

Please visit for a complete list of products and materials.

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