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Central Islip, NY (October, 2018) Universal Photonics Incorporated, manufacturer and global distributor of advanced surface preparation materials, has announced exclusive North American distribution rights for Valtron® Formulated Detergents in the Precision Optics Industry.

The addition of Valtron® expands UPI’s offerings of critical surfacing materials to include an aqueous, clean-line system with multiple detergent options. This line of concentrated detergents includes both alkaline and neutral pH formulations available as low foam or low surface tension. To meet specs for eco-friendly, biodegradable cleaners there is Valtron® Eco™. These products contain no nonyl or octyl ethoxlated based surfactants, hazardous solvents, or EDTA chelating agents. To clean precision optical components of fingerprints, light oils, and dust particles there’s Valtron’s Spray Wash. This alkaline formulation for in-line spray equipment and mechanical scrub applications, contains minimal foam and rinses completely for spot free drying.

Valtron® Formulated Detergents handle multiple cleaning tasks and operations for precision optical applications. The line, individually or collectively, creates a multi-faceted cleaning solution delivering effective penetration and removal of contaminants on a variety of substrates in various phases of fabrication, e.g. bonding, processing, prepping, and final clean. All have excellent rinsability characteristics. They are effective in contact and non-contact cleaning equipment for megasonic, ultrasonic, immersion and mechanical scrub applications.

In addition to precision optics, the Valtron® line of formulated detergents successfully service cleaning applications in the electronics, photovoltaic, medical device, ophthalmic and instrumentation industries.

Please visit for a complete list of products and materials.

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