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HASTILITE HRD – NanoDiamond Lapping Slurry for Hard Optics

Central Islip, NY (January 9, 2020) Universal Photonics Incorporated®, global manufacturer & distributor of critical surfacing & polishing technology, announces the next generation of abrasive polishing compounds specifically for hard optics.

HASTILITE HRD is a nanodiamond lapping slurry engineered to reduce process and total polishing times on ultra-hard optics an average 50% to 80%. Traditional diamond lapping processes either achieve high rates or high finish, but not both at the same time. HASTILITE HRD’s unique formulation synergistically combines mechanical and chemical properties to enhance removal rates and deliver surfaces with an impeccable finish. Its unique formulation is well paired with a variety of pads and synthetic media like UPI’s polyurethane LP UNALON pads.

Universal Photonics offers a wide range of polishing compounds, slurries, & powders uniquely designed for optimal stock removal and surface finish. While all are excellent performers across a wide range of speeds, pressures, and polishing media, each formulation has a highly individualized set of properties to meet very specific criteria.

Universal Photonics’ dedication to the advancement of surfacing and polishing technology in all phases of fabrication spans nearly a century providing 9000+ products including polishes, pads & equipment. The company’s goal is to deliver the most advanced surfacing and production products available along with efficient sales service and expert technical assistance. Learn more about HASTIITE HRD’s dual technology and the lapping/polishing results your ultra-hard optics can achieve. UPI Fields Applications Engineers are available to discuss the requirements of any critical surfacing application.

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