Monday, July 15, 2024

UPI has a comprehensive selection of pads and polishing materials for the most discriminating processes – from pre-polish to final-polish with critical surface requirements ranging from commercial grade to zero defect levels. Whether for silicon wafers, quartz crystal, or ophthalmic lenses we offer the perfect material in a variety of configurations for every polishing application.

Leading the line is our LP UNALON, a unique micro-cellular foam elastomer designed for surfaces requiring high accuracy for unique contours and critical tolerances. LP UNALON can be ordered abrasive-filled or unfilled, and is available in sheet, disc, ring, block, and plug form. A variety of thicknesses and sizes are available based on application.

Here you will also find state-of-the-art V TECHNOLOGY, our proprietary abrasive impregnated media, currently producing the V2 Series of peripheral and cup wheels, spindles and tools for polishing, pre-polishing, and lapping. V2's patented formula requires only water, NO cerium is required, resulting in clean, brilliant edges at every processing cycle.

We bring a full line of pads and materials to the polishing process including abrasive-filled, synthetic, felt and more. Look through our catalog and know that we specialize in complete polishing systems. We will work to meet all of your application requirements.