Monday, July 15, 2024

Our application-designed abrasives are specifically suited to meet the various processing requirements called for by today's far-reaching optics industry. Here you will find the ideal abrasive for polishing over long periods of time where consistent removal is essential, for applications requiring super-high tolerances, and for processing the hardest materials to ultra-fine surfaces.

Take a look at UNASIL, our proprietary silicon carbide abrasive. Its crystalline-structured particles deliver fast, clean-cutting removal over extended cycle times. UNALUM, an all-purpose aluminum oxide with particles that remain intact, produces fine finishes on a wide variety of substrates. Our RHODES ALUMINA, popular in semiconductor finishing, consistently delivers high-quality finishes at a relatively low cost. We also carry a full line of natural and manmade DIAMOND powders, slurries, and compounds to meet lapping requirements on harder materials like spinel, sapphire, and some ceramics.

At Universal Photonics you will find a full line of state-of-the-art products to facilitate your polishing process, including abrasive-filled media, film, cloth, dressing sticks, and dispersing agents for free abrasive lapping and polishing. Contact us to learn more about our comprehensive polishing systems. We will address all of your application requirements.