Monday, July 15, 2024

With the average-sized optical lab generating more than 3,000 gallons of contaminated waste water annually, waste management is a serious issue no lab can afford to overlook. In addition to hefty fines imposed by OSHA and EPA, failure to adequately address waste stream will result in poor product quality and inevitably, decrease profitability. Universal Photonics is focused on revolutionizing laboratory efficiencies with equipment solutions specifically designed to reduce operating costs, increase lens quality and deliver environmental compliance.

Our patented series of chillers maintain constant cool temperatures, eliminating unwanted fluctuations and thereby, dramatically reducing lens defects. Available for water or slurry, the CHILLMATES, are used in conjunction with fining and polishing machines with the same optimum results. In the area of filtration, UPI offers a broad range of solutions from HKS CENTRIFUGES, Separators, and Compactors, to our LEAD REMOVAL SYSTEM and membrane filtering technology. Our MEGAVAP LIQUID ELIMINATION systems deal with waste liquid efficiently and cost effectively.

In addition to offering an extensive line of advanced equipment, we strive to be a useful resource. Please contact our expert technical team with any questions specific to your application.