Wednesday, May 22, 2024
Whether polishing or blocking, count on UPI to supply the perfect pitch for any application. Our many proprietary formulations are ready-to-use, can be easily blended, or we can customize to suit specific requirements. Call us directly 516.935.4000 or in the US, 800.645.7173.


Suited for variety of blocking and holding applications.


Formulas with higher melting point, hardness and controlled flow for continuous polishing as well as part blocking during lapping, polishing, and slicing applications.

No. 1

General purpose. Highly adaptable pitch and widely used in a variety of blocking applications.

No. 16

Summer grade, engineered for warmer climates.

No. 257

For small multiple lens blocking and high-curve lens blocking.

No. 48

High melting point & heat resistant eliminates sliding.

No. 8

Winter grade. Highly adaptable and formulated for strength.

No. 9

Commonly used for blocking lenses or work pieces that are to be edged, profiled or centered.


Used for wide variety of blocking applications including mounting ophthalmic or precision lenses in high or low production areas.